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esi sveicinaats manaa web!!!!
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«  March 2008  »
Kur tu uzinaji par musu klanu???
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Galvenā » 2008 » March » 27 » Apsveicam!!!
10:52 AM
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13 Fishkr  
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11 DusDritalitte  
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10 byncencutle  

9 Sfas  

8 mafiozi  
jp lai veicas!!!! smile smile

7 neatqu  
zheel es biju 101 angry
Answer: biggrin

6 Marlboro  
es ta skatos jauna sadalja ka 100 registretais players ieksha, un domaju ka dzheks kko krutu davana dabus, bet kad uzzinaju ka tas es esmu !!!!!!!! surprised surprised surprised surprised surprised surprised surprised smile smile smile smile smile smile smile tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue surprised surprised surprised surprised surprised surprised

5 windtalkers  
Karo4 ACC uz meenesi iedots!!! smile

4 windtalkers  
bija nobanots bet dabuja unban!!! bans bija par to ka kasijaas ar adminu, bet vins atvainojaas smile smile

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